14 year old Male 
AKC Registered
Champion Bloodlines
TDI Dog  
RIP Oct 7 2005 to Oct 10 2019

6 year old Female
AKC Registered
Champion Sire
Jayden earned her Championship
Title on 8-30-14 & GCHB Title                                                        earned on 7-30-17 in 2018 she 
earned BISS GCHS and finished 

2 year old Female
AKC Registered
Champion Sire           

11 year old Female
AKC Registered
33 Champions in bloodlines                     
Int'l and American Champions
in Conformation, Field, & 
Cody with his pretty head and eyes
Cody just hanging out not the best stacking job but he did it all by his self and he was on a hill
Lilly trying to stack not too bad being that she has never done this before
Cody with his pretty eyes
Lilly and her nine puppies 5 Females and 4 males they were all over one pound born Feb 28,2009. They were 2 days old
Lilly's pups at 3 days old
March 17, 2009 feeding time again  Lilly and Cody's puppies
Congrats to Misty and Jeff from Clyde, NC for purchasing Daisy she is getting big.
Mom and pup taking a nap
Too cute
The gang sleeping
Congrats to Justin from Killen, AL for purchasing Duke Riverrun Mabe hope he is doing welll
Congrats to Jessica and Kirk and kids from Waxhaw, NC  for purchasing Scout hope you guys have fun. Please keep me posted.
Cody's puppy pic he was 7 weeks what a cutie
Just another view of Cody at 7 weeks of age.
Congrats to Mariah from Peachland, NC  for purchasing Mya. Hope you have fun.
Congrats to Kerry  from Fredericksburg, VA for purchasing Dolce. Hope you guys have fun.
Scout doing well loving his new home.  He is going to be a spoiled dog.  Thanks Jessica and Kirk and kids for the pic.
Thanks to Joshua from Statesville, NC  for purchasing Sophie I know grandma is going to spoil her Please keep in touch
Thanks to Melody from Thamasville, NC on purchasing Charley hope your hubby likes his birthday present
Congrats to Sarah and Jimmy for purchasing Cosmo. He will have fun in CA.
Thanks to Dave and Jen in Raleigh, NC for purchasing Lola hope you guys have fun spoiling her.
Cosmo with his bone Sarah he is getting big please keep sending updated pics Thanks
Dolce great stacking job she is ready to go show Kerry thanks for the pic keep sending updated pics Thanks
Mya looking good for the camera thanks Mariah for the pic please keep them coming Thanks
Scout relaxing after a hard day of playing Thanks for the pic Jessica please keep them coming
The kids found a way to keep from getting nipped too cute Jessica please keep the pics coming Thanks
Cosmo after finding out what a sprinkler was he is looking like his daddy. Thanks Sarah for the updated pic.
Mya chillin out at work she is getting big and she looks real relaxed. Please keep the pics coming  Thanks
Duke checking out the water he won first place for that pic way to go Justin.  Keep sending updates
Cosmo sitting pretty for the camera Sarah he is getting big.
Scout just chillin for the camera thanks for the updated photo Jessica
Cody sporting his new look he looks pretty good in yellow.
Lilly and puppy playing
Scout at 6 months releiving some stress Thanks Jess for updated pic
Lola sitting pretty for the camera she is 10 wks old thanks Dave and Jen for the pic
Lola cooling off in the ocean looks like she is have fun and getting big she is 5 months old
Lola drying off after her swim in the ocean she is having fun thanks Dave and Jen for the pic
Lola with Jen and Dave thanks for the pic she looks great
Cody hanging out in the 10 inches of snow we got this is 4 days later and still have about 5 inches
Another pic of Cody in the snow of 2009
Scout looking good he really looks like his daddy with just a hint of Lilly thanks Jessica for the updated pic
Mya sitting pretty for the camera thanks Mariah for the pic she looks great
Mya and Mariah looking good
Mya chillin in the snow of 2010 in NC
Cosmo WOW does he really look like Cody Thanks Sarah for the pic
Another view of Cosmo he really looks like his daddy thanks for the updated pic
Thanks to Donna and David from NC for givingSydney AKA Reiner a good home keep in touch
Scout wishing everybody a Happy 4th of July 2010 thanks Jessica for the pic he's looking good
Sydney aka Reiner with her new family she looks good thanks for the pic Donna
Sydney in her new back yard looking for a bird
Sydney resting after a hard day in the yard looking for birds
Scout and his new friend too cute Jessica thanks for the update pic
Sydney playing Santa  Thanks Donna for the updated pic she is looking good.
Sydney loving the snow and wondering where are all the birds. Thanks Donna for updated pic